Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Learn the truth

As I've told you, you have been living within lies told to you.
Goals are achived by seeing what you want everyday.

 After WW1

Farmer, 1907

Couple. Paris, 1932

Picnic Los Angeles

Monday, May 10, 2010

You and Pink

(Written in 2003)

You'll never where a soft pink,
or have your hair cut in an uneven fashion
Your appearance is a matter of you.

I write to you to clear my mind of the utter garbage
and lies people tell me, as the purported truth about you.

However, I am not completely innocent.
I too have preached the ways of the machine.
I too have advocated the wrong change.
But no matter, as we'll work for the good cause,
if only, in the limits of your own minds.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ode to Mikey

Lately I been thinkin,
sleepin's been hard.
Thought of you,
body bags coming thru.

One in the head,
and ashes to dust.
The game is rough,
rough and tough.

In a town without pitty,
you came to play,
where the cops are bad,
and the badest are bad in every way.
Your young, invinceable,
till lead cut you down.

One in the head,
and ashes to dust.
The game is rough,
rough and tough.

Mikey we done you wrong,
and we feel you even today.
What words might have worked,
if we only knew of our selfish ways.

One in the head,
and ashes to dust.
The game is rough,
rough and tough.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the stress i feel

the stress i feel
starts as my eyes dim

my brains says too much light
but my vision blurs, its not night

my cheeks feel the strain of a weight
as a frown appears, any joy placates

my necks folds forward, crown to base
but my head hangs high, betrayed by my face

my temples feels the pressure as my vision blurs
my mind stay clear, overrun by the obsurd

breathing deep, looking for air
my temples swell, nostrils flare

my brain feels the flow, my lungs the drag
the relief i see, but once again its here

the stress i abhore

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amoni's Heart

for those that know, nothing new's revealed.
for those that don't, you may find appeal.

Love they say affects the heart, then if that's so, do we really know.
I do know this, or so I say, if the heart's not yours, care must be taken everyday.

So now, if you know, care for that heart you keep.
And, if you know love-is-so, then that effects hearts too, or so it goes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Name

Kitty, Elizabeth, Amie, Allison, Jennifer, Amoni

Why should I care about her name as long as she returns, and she will someday
Why should anyone know or care, expect to know as I know
Is it really that important?
If peace is important, then this is important

some names are used as a familiar tone
some in a shady reference
some to hide the legal truth
some just sound really nice
and some are real
for some that see peace as important, then this is important

Kitty cat, pussy cat, whats the difference.
Zaza with a cat went and sat on Johnny's bench
Zaza to Johnny, "Johnny, want to pet my pussy"
Johnny to Zaza, "You bet. If you'd just move that cat"
If peace be important, then this be important

Elizabeth Regan, or just Elizabeth, cut a guy while he slept.
The word in town was he had a gun, or so that witness said.
Well now that guy's in for 5-10.
And for Elizabeth peace is important, and this is important

Amie, who are you?
My cousin
My sister
My friend
Or name for just a minute
Amie - cousin, sister, friend, or who you be
Please know, If you know peace is important, then that minute was important

Allison dear
I love you dear
Just another name to drive me near
But as I fear,
not real,
not her real name
Or so she says

Jennifer dear
I love you dear
Jennifer Elizabeth dear
I love you dear
Your mother meant no shame, no pain
please let it be, I say once again.
I care about peace, because peace is important,
remember peace is important.

Amoni on her neck,
a foolish beer, heck
Come on, I've done it, you can too
foolish, what the heck.

The truth now to you,
Amoni saw peace as important,
important enough to put on her neck.
She is in a gang
its just they don't know,
nor does she.
The gang is Jesus and 12 others,
yes, the ones you know.